May 16 2016

USSSA Hall of Fame Class of 2016: Elliot "Butch" Parnes

Kissimmee, FL- May 9, 2016- Back in January we briefly introduced the USSSA Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Today, we will feature Elliot “Butch” Parnes who will be inducted into the USSSA Hall of Fame this November as a member of the umpire category.

The formal Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place during the 49th Annual USSSA National Convention on November 18, 2016. This year, USSSA will be hosting the annual meeting in Fort Myers, FL off the coast at Sanibel Harbour Marriot Resort.

Can you tell me a little bit about your life growing up?
I was born in 1950 and grew up in Flint MI. I played little league baseball (lousy hitter and sub-mediocre fielder), bowled and golfed. I have been an umpire for 48 years starting at the age of 18 in 1968, working intra-mural games, while attending Michigan State University. I continued working games while earning my Juris Doctorate from the Detroit College of Law in 1977. At 27 years old, I believe I was the youngest umpire in the Professional Men’s Slow-Pitch League from1977-1982 working the World Series in Detroit, Philadelphia and Maryland.

How did you get involved with USSSA?
I started umping USSSA games in 1973 while attending law school and began working leagues and tournaments in Southeast Michigan and around the country with men’s teams like Snyder’s, Uniroyal, Dino’s, Campbell’s Carpets, Howard’s Furniture and Women’s Teams such as Little Caesars, Stingers, Stan’s Auto, Virginia Belles and Empress Chili.

What is your biggest contribution to USSSA? What is your role at USSSA?
I believe that my biggest contributions to USSSA are (1) I have umped every female slow pitch player and many of the male players and managers presently in the National Hall of Fame (2) I have umpired every National Police Tournament held in Michigan since 1977 (3) I have worked a total of some 25 Women’s World Tournaments, 11 Men’s World Tournaments and numerous NIT’s and State Tournaments and (4) I have been an instructor at over 40 Michigan Umpire Clinics teaching new umpires the “One Man System.”

How does it feel to be part of the USSSA Hall of Fame Class of 2016? What are your thoughts on being inducted?
Being inducted into the USSSA National Hall of Fame is a very great honor and the pinnacle of my umpiring career. I received the Great Lakes USSSA Divisional Umpire Award in 1986 and I was inducted into the Michigan USSSA Hall of Fame in 1988.  I have been fortunate and very lucky to have been a small part of the USSSA since its very early years and I have personally witnessed the tremendous growth of the best sports association in the country.

Who would you like to thank?
I would like to thank all the many excellent umpires that have been my partners and crewmates with special thanks to my first partner, friend and UIC Milt Miller, Conference Umpire Chuck “Doc” Beckwell, our Chairman of the Board/CEO Don Dedonatis and the entire USSSA organization. I would also like to thank my wife Judy, son Jake and my parents Ruth and Jack.

Anything else you would like to add?
I have always strived to and would hope to have the reputation and be remembered as an umpire who was consistent, who hustled, was professional, was approachable, had a good attitude on the field and most important always maintained the highest standard of integrity.
There you have it, a closer look at Elliot “Butch” Parnes! Butch is another esteemed member of the USSSA Hall of Fame Class of 2016 that will be honored in November for his contributions to USSSA. Stay tuned for upcoming articles every month featuring each of the 2016 USSSA Hall of Fame inductees.
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