Mar 29 2017

12U Major Power Rankings #Top10 (3/29/2017)

Based off of the team’s power rating points (which are determined based on their strength of schedule, win/loss ratio against in class opponents and in class record) here are the top 10 teams in the 12Under Major class.


12 & Under Major


1. Memphis Tigers-Lyons Memphis, TN

USSSA Power Rating: 1,469
Record: 17-1

The Memphis Tigers have 4 consecutive first place tournament wins in a row, solidifying their hold on the No. 1 spot in our power rankings.


2. Renegades Fullerton, CA

USSSA Power Rating: 1,447
Record: 18-1

In the No. 2 spot the Renegades continue playing at an elite level, going 7-0 in the Spring Championship Select 30 Super NIT in Arizona last weekend. In that tournament their offense averaged 13 runs per game en route to an easy NIT win.

3. D-BAT Elite North Dallas - TX

USSSA Power Rating: 1,426
Record: 33-2

D-Bat has only 2 losses in their 7 previous events. Before those two losses they were 26-0 vs. in class teams. Arguably one of the best teams in the country, DBAT will look to seize back the No. 1 spot in our rankings at their next USSSA Event.

4. SB Bees San Jose - CA

USSSA Power Rating: 1,418
Record: 44-5

Like the No. 1 ranked 12 & Under Major team, SB Bees is showing the benefits of having only one loss in tournament play against teams in their class. The SB Bees continued their success into March in the Mardi Gras Classic where they went 4-0 on the weekend and took home first place.

5.Traction Canes 12u Black Baton Rouge - LA

USSSA Power Rating: 1,397
Record: 15-2

With only two losses and nine wins over quality opponents, the Traction Canes are showing that quality over quantity can be just as effective. They went 5-1 in the South Texas Select30 Super NIT and finished 2nd overall.

6. Team Xtreme Adiktiv Pace,FL
USSSA Power Rating: 1,395
Record: 14-2

Xtreme Adiktiv is sitting solid at the 6 spot in our rankings. Adictiv have played in three tournaments in 2017 thusfar, and have taken first place in all three and will look to carry that momentum into their next event.

7. Resmondo Elite Winter Haven, FL
USSSA Power Rating: 1,343
Record: 15-2

Resmondo Elite holds our 7th spot in the rankings, sporting a 12-2 in class record and placing second in the Atlanta Select 30 Super NIT.

8. Wilson MVP Elite Norwalk - CA

USSSA Power Rating: 1,301
Record: 27-4

The gap between Wilson MVP Elite and Combat is close. Both teams have strong schedules and teams making this an interesting dynamic. MVP Elite rebounded from an 0-2 weekend in February very nicely, placing second and going 6-1 in the Spring Championship Select 30 Super NIT last weekend.

USSSA Power Rating: 1,297
Record: 23-3

The Combat are also relying on strength of schedule over quantity. The Combat are 23-3 overall with a 17-2 in class record and two back to back first place finishes this month.

10. Cyclones Judsonia, AR
USSSA Power Rating: 1,263
Record: 16-1

The Cyclones have had very strong showings at all their tournaments in the month of March, placing in the top 2 in all three of the events. Given that they stay on this pace, the Cyclones could move quickly up the power rankings this season.



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