Apr 18 2016

USSSA Hall of Fame Class of 2016: Cat Osterman

Kissimmee, FL- April 18, 2016- Back in January we briefly introduced the USSSA Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Every month leading up to November we will feature a different member of the 2016 Hall of Fame Class. For the month of April we are featuring former Pride player Cat Osterman. Osterman will be inducted into the USSSA Hall of Fame this November as a member of the female player category.
This past summer, Cat Osterman hung up her cleats after an illustrious eight year career in the NPF. Her impact on and off the field is one that cannot go unnoticed and she will be truly missed. Osterman will become the second female professional athlete to be named a USSSA Hall of Famer, following last year’s first Caitlin Lowe.

Cat made her NPF debut on May 29, 2007 with the Rockford Thunder against softball great, Jennie Finch of the Chicago Bandits. Osterman earned the win, striking out 24 batters in a 12-inning 1-0 win over the Bandits. That was only the beginning.

She clinched her first NPF championship title in 2009 with the Rockford Thunder and joined the Pride the following year. In her first season with the Pride, Cat lead the Pride to their first franchise title since their inagural season in 2009. She was also a part of the Pride's success in 2013 & 2014 when the Pride took home back-to-back championship wins. 

Over her career Cat has dominated the circle and this past summer was no different. Cat led the USSSA Pride to their fourth regular season title but fell short of closing out the season with another championship under her belt. More importantly though, Cat has inspired millions of fastpitch fans around the world with her work ethic and desire to be the best. Cat remains a very important pioneer in the world of fastpitch and USSSA is honored that Cat chose to spend the last of her playing days as a part of the U-trip family.

Although her playing days are over, Cat still stays near to the game. She currently coaches with former Pride teammate Kelly Kretschman at Texas State University. Both hold the position of assistant coach for the Bobcats.

Cat is also celebrating her 33
rd birthday this month and we want to wish her a happy birthday and good luck in all of her future endeavors.
The formal Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place during the 49th Annual USSSA National Convention on November 18, 2016. USSSA will be hosting the 2016 Annual Meeting in Fort Myers, FL off the coast at Sanibel Harbour Marriot Resort.

Can you tell me a little bit about your life growing up?

I grew up in Houston, TX and tried every sport available. I played basketball my whole life, and if you ask my family I was supposed to play that forever! I was a very good goalie in soccer, but got bored with it, which is when I picked up pitching. I tried everything though: gymnastics, volleyball, track, cross country, tennis, golf and swimming...I gave everything a chance.
How did you get involved with USSSA?

During the off season between 2009 & 2010 I was traded to the USSSA Pride.
What was your biggest contribution to USSSA?

I was a pitcher for the last 6 years for USSSA Pride. I contributed to 2 Cowles Cup Championships... Not sure how many regular season titles etc. Bigger than the titles though, I was able to give young generations the opportunity to see that there's a future in softball!
How does it feel to be part of the USSSA Hall of Fame Class of 2016? What are your thoughts on being inducted?

It's an amazing honor. For USSSA to support our professional league is amazing, so I'm excited to enter the Hall of Fame.

Who would you like to thank?
Isn't that what I going to do in my speech?!? I mean can't give away everything...

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