Mar 16 2017

13U Major Power Rankings #Top10 (03/15/2017)

Based off of the team’s power rating points (which are determined based on their strength of schedule, win/loss ratio against opponents and overall record) here are the top 10 teams in the 13 & Under Major class.


13Under Major Power Rankings #Top10 (03/15/2017)

1. Wilson Sandlot Chandler - AZ
USSSA Power Ranking:1,309
Record: 24-2

At 12-1 and 1,309 power rating points, Wilson Sandlot is proving that tough schedule is paying off. In their last tournament, Wilson Sandlot finished first in the Ice Breaker Classic going 3-1 on the weekend.

2. Louisiana Tigers - Purple Baton Rouge - LA
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,324
Record: 14-2

The Louisiana Tigers at solidly at No. 2. Based on the team’s strength of schedule, the Tigers will be able to make up for it’s two losses easily. At the Select30 Super NIT this past weekend the Louisiana Tigers finished in third place going 4-1 on the weekend.

3. Arizona Rebels Baseball Mesa - AZ
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,294
Record: 29-5

At 19-2, the Rebels are going have to push to advance through the rankings as the two teams situated at No.’s 1 and 2 are playing less and against tougher opponents.


4. Prodigy - The Train Kansas City - MO
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,279
Record: 9-2

Prodigy - The Train is another team that falls into a tougher schedule. With only nine total games play, The Train finds itself at No. 4 overall in the 13 & Under Major.


5. Midwest Elite Oklahoma City - OK
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,267
Record: 16-3

Midwest Elite doesn’t sit to far behind No. 4 and will likely be able to make ground as they head into more tournaments.


6. Garnet Crush Lincolnton, NC
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,259

Well situated at No. 6, Garnet Crush will be able to continue to push for a high spot in the top 10 if they can continue to use their dominance on offense to pick up some more wins.


7. Kangaroo Court Roos Tampa Bay - FL
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,212
Record: 31-4

The Kangaroo Court Roos have everything to gain in their ranking. At 15-3, the Court Roos clearly have a schedule that is more likely to boost them in the rankings than drop them. The Kangaroo Court Roos stayed hot into the Spring Gold Glove Championship at the beginning of March, going 5-0 on the weekend and taking home the championship.


8. Dallas Patriots Bowring Plano - TX
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,214

The Patriots Bowring will need to push for some more wins as it faces a two point difference between sitting at No. 7 and No. 9.

9. Swingman Baseball SC Florence - SC
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,213
Record: 12-2

The Swingman Baseball SC are in an interesting spot. At one point behind No. 8 the Swingman has little room for error if they look to hold their slot in the top 10.

10. Dallas Tigers Polk Coppell - TX
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,199
Record: 6-0 (In Class Record)

At 6-0 the Dallas Tigers Polk are a strong team. This team has played the fewest games of the top 10 contenders and clearly has one of the hardest schedules to boot. Keep an eye out for this team. The Dallas Tiger Polk came into last weekend at the South Texas Select 30 Super NIT and sweeped the field, going 6-0 and taking home the championship.

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