Mar 16 2017

9U Major Power Rankings #Top10 (3/16/2017)

Based off of the team’s power rating points (which are determined based on their strength of schedule, win/loss ratio against opponents and overall record) here are the top 10 leagues in the 9 & Under Major class.


9 & Under Major Rankings

1. Kangaroo Court Tampa, FL

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,539
Record: 27-0

Kangaroo Court sits comfortably at No. 1 with a difficult, yet undefeated schedule. They have won every tournement that they have entered this season including the Atlanta Select30 Super NIT going 6-0 avg 12 runs per game.

2. Chandler Stars 9U Chandler, AZ

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,237
Record: 28-6

The Chandler Stars surged up the power rankings this week after a dominant first place finish in the Spring Championship Select30 Super NIT in Mesa, AZ. The Stars went 6-0 on the weekend, scoring 9 runs per game while only allowing 5.

3. Five Star Tigers Hannah Jacksonville - FL

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,220
Record: 27-4

At No. 2, the Five Star Tigers have everything going for them. Now they just have to push their momentum to close the gap between No. 1 and 2 in the rankings. They've won 3 Super NITs including last months Presdents Day Super NIT.

4. Five Star Tigers Labbe
 Jacksonville, FL
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,174
Record: 23-6

The Five Star Tigers Labbe finished in second place over the weekend after going 5-2 in the Atlanta Select30 Super NIT in Georgia. The Tigers scored 8 runs per game, helping them surge up the power rankings to hold the No. 4 Spot.

5. Wilson MVP Elite Norwalk - CA
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,169
Record: 28-8

With the fullest schedule of the top 10, Wilson MVP Elite will need to keep playing often to continue its momentum in the rankings. They've won 4 super NITs including last weekends March Madness Select30 Super NIT.


6. ABC Nationals Force Tri City, TX
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,146
Record: 13-2

The ABC Nationals Force had an excellent showing in South Texas this weekend, going 6-0 en route to their championship at the South Texas Select30 Super NIT.


7. NV Titans Granada Hills, CA
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,140

Record: 14-3

The NV Titans sit tight holding the No. 7 spot in our rankings.


8. Georgia Bandits Douglasville, GA
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,139
Record: 19-1


The Georgia Bandits are the only other team in the 9 & Under Major that are undefeated. Between their schedule and wins, it’s no surprise the Georgia Bandits are at No. 8.

9. Team Miami 9U Miami, FL
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,095
Record: 8-3

Team Miami will have a fight on their hands to hold on to the No. 9 spot. They’ll need to pick up some quality wins if they want to keep the No. 10 team from taking their spot. They finished first in the South Beach Super NIT.


10. Victory Braves Van Nuys, CA

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,091
Record: 20-6

The Victory sit solidly at No. 10 with a 20-6 record.


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