Dec 14 2017

Pride Players Giving Back

Viera, Florida- December 14, 2017: Operation Christmas Child is an annual charity event that brings people together to give back to those less fortunate. This year, two of our very own Pride players, Megan Wiggins and Andrea Duran, participated in the event where they assisted in stuffing shoeboxes and mailing them around the world for less fortunate kids to receive on Christmas.
         The shoeboxes are created for both boys and girls and target kids of all ages. The person donating the box chooses the age and gender of the child they are giving to and fills it with the appropriate toys and items.
          First, the box is filled with essentials such as combs and toothbrushes, then, other exciting gifts, like crayons, pencils, and other small toys can be added. Next, bigger items are added. Dolls, stuffed animals and other toys can be included as fun, comforting items. Lastly, bigger necessities like shoes, clothes, and blankets can be added for additional love and comfort. Each shoebox is put together differently but all are filled with love.
        While USSSA Pride third baseman, Andrea Duran participated for her second year in a row this year. The event impacts each of them differently. “My favorite thing about operation Christmas child is the thought of changing kids lives all around the world. We heard stories of how when some of these children got over and came to the US they looked up the people that sent them there boxes and thanked them. To me that is so powerful!” Said Andrea.
        Pride veteran, Megan Wiggins has been participating in Operation Christmas Child since she was a kid herself with her mom and grandmother. She chose to use her platform as a professional athlete and her ability to reach a large audience to make an impact on the event.  “I decided that I wanted to start hosting these Shoebox Packing parties and invite family and friends, and the younger athletes and their families to be involved and to attend and donate items. I knew that at the beginning I would start small and every year I could grow and impact more peoples lives with hosting this event. It is important to me to do this because I think it gives a perspective to all of us living in America how precious our lives are and how precious the lives of the people around us are. We aren’t defined by what we have or how much it cost. So being able to give back to the kids that these shoeboxes reach every year in other countries that have next to nothing, is an amazing feeling of accomplishment as a whole.”
      You can find more information about making your own shoe box and helping those in need in the Operation Christmas Child at the: Operation Christmas Child Website



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