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Due to PCI Compliance regulations, USSSA recently changed credit card processors. Prior to this change, you paid for a tournament entry fee, gate fee, registration, insurance or other fee on the website. In order to process the pending refunds below, please provide the MIDDLE 8 numbers of your Visa or MasterCard. We currently have the FIRST FOUR and LAST FOUR. Below a link has been provided to allow you to submit your middle eight numbers. Once this information is received you will get an email confirmation for the refund.
Payment Information Payment ID: {{refundData.paymentID}} Payment Date: {{refundData.timestamp | date:"MMM dd, yyyy"}} Amount: ${{refundData.amount}} Card : {{refundData.cardType}} - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - {{refundData.ccNo}}
Middle {{refundData.digit}} number of the card: Notes:
If you no longer have this card or it has expired, please contact the USSSA National Office at 800-741-3014 or via email at
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Your information is saved, we will process your refund and you will receive a confirmation email.