DJ Wabick
Sr. VP of International Programs
DJ is currently the Sr. VP of USSSA's International Programs and is the S30 Director of Scouting.  He has been involved with USSSA for over 10 years in multiple facets of the organization.  He is no stranger to elite-level Baseball as he was drafted out of High School in 2002 MLB Draft by the Chicago White Sox. 

He opted to continue his education at the College of Charleston, where in 2005 he was the 8th leading hitter in the country with a .416 batting average which in turn earned him D1 All-American honors.  He was then drafted again in the 2005 MLB Draft by the New York Mets.  In 2009, he earned the AA Eastern League All-Star award. DJ wrapped up his 6 season professional career with a .296 career batting average after a severe knee injury.

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