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nemo hotshots

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USSSA Points : 740
Team : nemo hotshots
Team City : vandalia - MO
Overall Record : 15-14
Team Registration : 91043010854
Classified as : Fast-Pitch Girls 16 & Under B
Current End Year Class : Fast-Pitch Girls 16 & Under B

Power Rating : 941
Tournament Record vs. In Class Teams : 9-8
In Class Avg Runs : 3.88
In Class Avg Runs Allowed : 2.82
In Class Avg Runs Difference : 1.06
In Class Runs Scored : 66
In Class Runs Allowed : 48

 vs. FPGirls18&UB Teams : 0-2
 vs. FPGirls16&UA Teams : 4-1
 vs. FPGirls16&UB Teams : 9-8
 vs. FPGirls14&UA Teams : 0-2
 vs. FPGirls16&UC Teams : 2-0
 vs. FPGirls13UOpen Teams : 0-1

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    StatureTournament NameEvent
    Avg Run
    320010/16/2009State USSSA Fall StateFPGirls16&UA 2206162045-1
    1754/11/2010Qualifier Columbia Early Bird (1 Day)FPGirls16&UB 400102225.50.55
    61405/23/2010NIT Columbia Spirit Classic (1 Day)FPGirls18UOpen 11167132.3334.333-2
    71206/12/2010NIT Fusion NIT Double PointsFPGirls18UOpen 120816125.33341.333
    9506/25/2010NIT WORLD SERIES TUNE UPFPGirls16&UB 330721253.54.166-0.66
    51557/9/2010State East State St LouisFPGirls16&UB 2305101122.2-0.2
    1707/20/2010World Series USSSA Fastpitch World SeriesFPGirls16&UB 23193024541

    Game Data

    #TournamentWinning TeamWinner
    Losing TeamLoser
    1*USSSA Fall State nemo hotshots 4 St. Louis Area Maniacs [FPGirls16&UA] 2
    2*USSSA Fall State St. Louis Stingers 94 [FPGirls16&UA] 7 nemo hotshots 2
    3*USSSA Fall State nemo hotshots 6 St. Louis Area Maniacs [FPGirls16&UA] 4
    4USSSA Fall State Indiana DEW 16u 7 nemo hotshots 4
    5*Columbia Early Bird (1 Day) nemo hotshots 6 Tri-County Mayhem [FPGirls16&UC] 0
    6*Columbia Early Bird (1 Day) nemo hotshots 10 MID-MO HOT SHOTS [FPGirls16&UC] 0
    7Columbia Early Bird (1 Day) nemo hotshots 3 High Voltage 2
    8Columbia Early Bird (1 Day) nemo hotshots 3 Missouri Thunder 0
    9Columbia Spirit Classic (1 Day stealers Tie nemo hotshots 1
    10Columbia Spirit Classic (1 Day nemo hotshots 6 Stealers 4
    11*Columbia Spirit Classic (1 Day Stealers - Dale [FPGirls18&UB] 8 nemo hotshots 0
    12*Fusion NIT Double Points St. Louis Blast [FPGirls18&UB] 9 nemo hotshots 8
    13Fusion NIT Double Points nemo hotshots 8 Club Elite Classics 0
    14*Fusion NIT Double Points St. Louis Chaos 95 [FPGirls14&UA] 3 nemo hotshots 0
    15*WORLD SERIES TUNE UP Missouri Thunder 96 [FPGirls14&UA] 8 nemo hotshots 3
    16*WORLD SERIES TUNE UP nemo hotshots 4 KC Katz [FPGirls16&UA] 2
    17*WORLD SERIES TUNE UP nemo hotshots 7 Fireballz Fastpitch [FPGirls16&UA] 0
    18WORLD SERIES TUNE UP nemo hotshots 4 Topeka Outburst 1
    19WORLD SERIES TUNE UP Trentonettes 1 nemo hotshots 0
    20*WORLD SERIES TUNE UP SB Lightning-Muenz [FPGirls13UOpen] 13 nemo hotshots 3
    21East State St Louis Enemy 3 nemo hotshots 0
    22East State St Louis St Louis Lady Hawks 2 nemo hotshots 1
    23East State St Louis nemo hotshots 2 St. Louis Lady Hawks - Gr 1
    24East State St Louis nemo hotshots 5 St. Peters Mustangs 1
    25East State St Louis Wildfire 16u 4 nemo hotshots 2
    26USSSA Fastpitch World Series nemo hotshots 7 Power 2
    27USSSA Fastpitch World Series nemo hotshots Tie Oklahoma Bedlam 16U 2
    28USSSA Fastpitch World Series Velocity 7 nemo hotshots 2
    29USSSA Fastpitch World Series Missouri Warcats 5 nemo hotshots 4
    30USSSA Fastpitch World Series nemo hotshots 9 Chanute Crossfire 0
    31USSSA Fastpitch World Series Oklahoma Cardinals 8 nemo hotshots 6
    * Indicates games played against teams of different class. Updated every night.
    The first day results are entered all games will appear in tan.

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