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Black Sox

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USSSA Points : 1285
Team : Black Sox
Team City : Blue Springs - MO
Overall Record : 34-27
Team Registration : G91243005405
Classified as : Baseball Boys 14 & Under AA
Current End Year Class : Baseball Boys 14 & Under AA

Power Rating : 1010
Tournament Record vs. In Class Teams : 22-12
In Class Avg Runs : 8.03
In Class Avg Runs Allowed : 5.26
In Class Avg Runs Difference : 2.76
In Class Runs Scored : 273
In Class Runs Allowed : 179

 vs. BBboys14AAA Teams : 1-8
 vs. BBboys14AA Teams : 29-18
 vs. BBboys13Maj Teams : 2-0
 vs. BBboys13AAA Teams : 2-1

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    StatureTournament NameEvent
    Avg Run
    51009/11/2011League Liberty Fall LeagueBBboys14Open 26014405356.625-1.62
    13003/30/2012NIT April Fool's Day Fiasco NITBBboys14AA 400194018104.55.5
    51004/17/2012League Spring Baseball LeagueBBboys14AAA 671141071087.6427.714-7.14
    3904/20/2012NIT Spring ShootoutBBboys14AA 3201533296.65.80.8
    5304/27/2012Qualifier Early BirdBBboys14AA 1101019149.572.5
    4805/4/2012Global Qualifier USSSA Global ClashBBboys14AA 2101323177.6665.6662
    5705/18/2012NIT Hawaiian Hitfest NITBBboys14AA 4101137247.44.82.6
    32005/25/2012Super NIT Memorial Day Super NITBBboys14AA 41016521510.437.4
    11506/8/2012NIT Cowtown Showdown NITBBboys14AA 030411273.6669-5.33
    51556/14/2012State Missouri AA State ChampionshipBBboys14AA 3201231286.25.60.600
    2556/22/2012Qualifier Lumberjack WoodbatBBboys14AA 3101530117.52.754.75
    2556/29/2012Qualifier MSP Heartland FirecrackerBBboys14Open 2201739329.7581.75

    Game Data

    #TournamentWinning TeamWinner
    Losing TeamLoser
    1*Liberty Fall League Mac n Seitz Brewers [BBboys14AAA] 7 Black Sox 4
    2*Liberty Fall League Black Sox 14 Missouri Storm Chasers [BBboys14AAA] 1
    3*Liberty Fall League Independence Outlaws [BBboys14AAA] 8 Black Sox 7
    4*Liberty Fall League Mac n Seitz Brewers [BBboys14AAA] 8 Black Sox 2
    5*Liberty Fall League Black Sox 4 LS Braves [BBboys14AA] 0
    6*Liberty Fall League LS Braves [BBboys14AA] 12 Black Sox 4
    7*Liberty Fall League Oak Grove Heat [BBboys14AAA] 6 Black Sox 4
    8*Liberty Fall League Oak Grove Heat [BBboys14AAA] 11 Black Sox 1
    9*April Fool's Day Fiasco NIT Black Sox 19 Storm Baseball [BBboys13AAA] 5
    10*April Fool's Day Fiasco NIT Black Sox 6 KC Venom [BBboys13Maj] 2
    11*April Fool's Day Fiasco NIT Black Sox 10 Storm Baseball [BBboys13AAA] 7
    12*April Fool's Day Fiasco NIT Black Sox 5 KC Venom [BBboys13Maj] 4
    13*Spring Baseball League Millhouse 14u [BBboys14AA] 9 Black Sox 5
    14*Spring Baseball League Black Sox 8 Millhouse 14u [BBboys14AA] 3
    15*Spring Baseball League KC Cobras [BBboys14AA] 10 Black Sox 9
    16*Spring Baseball League Black Sox 14 KC Cobras [BBboys14AA] 5
    17*Spring Baseball League Independence Outlaws [BBboys14AAA] 10 Black Sox 8
    18*Spring Baseball League Independence Outlaws [BBboys14AAA] 14 Black Sox 3
    19*Spring Baseball League Black Sox 13 Northland Yankees [BBboys14AA] 1
    20*Spring Baseball League Northland Yankees [BBboys14AA] 9 Black Sox 5
    21*Spring Baseball League Black Sox 10 Kearney Gators [BBboys14AA] 9
    22*Spring Baseball League Black Sox 7 Kearney Gators [BBboys14AA] 4
    23*Spring Baseball League KC Cobras [BBboys14AA] 7 Black Sox 0
    24*Spring Baseball League Black Sox 9 KC Cobras [BBboys14AA] 3
    25Spring Baseball League Millhouse 14u Tie Black Sox 10
    26*Spring Baseball League Millhouse 14u [BBboys14AA] 14 Black Sox 6
    27Spring Shootout Black Sox 15 Thunderstix 0
    28Spring Shootout Black Sox 12 KC Falcons - White 4
    29*Spring Shootout Diggers [BBboys13AAA] 9 Black Sox 1
    30Spring Shootout Black Sox 4 Sedalia Drillers 3
    31Spring Shootout Northland Yankees 13 Black Sox 1
    32Early Bird Angels 10 Black Sox 9
    33Early Bird Black Sox 10 KC Stampede 4
    34USSSA Global Clash Panthers 8 Black Sox 3
    35USSSA Global Clash Black Sox 13 Topeka Nitros 7
    36USSSA Global Clash Black Sox 7 Norwalk Purple Rush 2
    37Hawaiian Hitfest NIT Black Sox 5 Thunderstix 3
    38Hawaiian Hitfest NIT Black Sox 8 LS Brigade 7
    39Hawaiian Hitfest NIT Black Sox 8 Lawrence Rage 5
    40Hawaiian Hitfest NIT Black Sox 11 LS Brigade 3
    41Hawaiian Hitfest NIT Angels 6 Black Sox 5
    42Memorial Day Super NIT Black Sox 16 Thunderstix 0
    43Memorial Day Super NIT Black Sox 13 Strike-Zone Monarchs 3
    44Memorial Day Super NIT Black Sox 9 Kearney Gators 8
    45Memorial Day Super NIT Black Sox 13 NKC Hawks 0
    46Memorial Day Super NIT New Melle Sabers 4 Black Sox 1
    47Cowtown Showdown NIT Wellsville Dawgs 7 Black Sox 4
    48Cowtown Showdown NIT KC Athletics 9 Black Sox 4
    49Cowtown Showdown NIT Stags 11 Black Sox 3
    50Missouri AA State Championship Black Sox 12 T's Baseball 2
    51Missouri AA State Championship Smithville Warriors 10 Black Sox 6
    52Missouri AA State Championship Black Sox 3 Miller Indians 1
    53Missouri AA State Championship Black Sox 9 NKC Tigers 6
    54*Missouri AA State Championship Midwest Tigers [BBboys14AAA] 9 Black Sox 1
    55Lumberjack Woodbat Black Sox 6 LS Braves 2
    56Lumberjack Woodbat Black Sox 3 LS Brigade 1
    57Lumberjack Woodbat Black Sox 15 LS Braves 0
    58Lumberjack Woodbat KC Bulldogs 8 Black Sox 6
    59MSP Heartland Firecracker Black Sox 17 Miller Indians 3
    60MSP Heartland Firecracker Crush 11 Black Sox 9
    61MSP Heartland Firecracker Crush 12 Black Sox 5
    62MSP Heartland Firecracker Black Sox 8 Miller Indians 6
    * Indicates games played against teams of different class. Updated every night.
    The first day results are entered all games will appear in tan.

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