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Team Cyclone

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USSSA Points : 680
Team : Team Cyclone
Team City : Springfield - MO
Overall Record : 23-27
Team Registration : G91243015065
Classified as : Baseball Boys 13 & Under Major
Current End Year Class : Baseball Boys 13 & Under Major

Power Rating : 701
Tournament Record vs. In Class Teams : 10-21
In Class Avg Runs : 4.00
In Class Avg Runs Allowed : 6.06
In Class Avg Runs Difference : -2.06
In Class Runs Scored : 124
In Class Runs Allowed : 188

 vs. BBboys13Maj Teams : 10-21
 vs. BBboys13AAA Teams : 9-6
 vs. BBboys13AA Teams : 3-0
 vs. BBboys12Maj Teams : 1-0

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    StatureTournament NameEvent
    Avg Run
    2553/30/2012Qualifier Dudley Thunder Series ChampionshipBBboys13Open 420727234.53.8330.666
    304/13/2012Qualifier O'Brien ShootoutBBboys13Open 100443431
    18204/20/2012Global Qualifier Southeast ShootoutBBboys13Maj 2308202745.4-1.4
    4605/4/2012Qualifier 11th Annual OK-Texas ShootoutBBboys13Open 1308202957.25-2.25
    4805/18/2012NIT Memphis MadnessBBboys13Maj 040810332.58.25-5.75
    22405/25/2012Super NIT Memorial Day Super NITBBboys13Maj 130202424660
    3456/1/2012Qualifier O'Brien June ShootoutBBboys13Open 3201027285.45.6-0.19
    21106/8/2012Qualifier Shootout ChampionshipBBboys13Open 320828265.65.20.399
    17406/22/2012State MO/KAN State ChampionshipBBboys13Maj 030411213.6667-3.33
    4406/29/2012Qualifier Rawlings National Baseball Club ChaBBboys13Maj 32010252655.2-0.2
    42507/12/2012Global World Series USSSA Global World SeriesBBboys13Open 5301552286.53.53

    Game Data

    #TournamentWinning TeamWinner
    Losing TeamLoser
    1*Dudley Thunder Series Champion Team Cyclone 6 Rawlings Arkansas Muddogs [BBboys13AA] 0
    2Dudley Thunder Series Champion Team Cyclone 6 Arkansas Jays 4
    3Dudley Thunder Series Champion Team Cyclone 4 Arkansas EXPRESS - McKeow 3
    4Dudley Thunder Series Champion Rawlings Midwest National 5 Team Cyclone 4
    5Dudley Thunder Series Champion Team Cyclone 7 Arkansas Dragons 5
    6Dudley Thunder Series Champion Rawlings Midwest National 6 Team Cyclone 0
    7O'Brien Shootout Team Cyclone 4 Tulsa Blaze 3
    8Southeast Shootout Team Cyclone 7 Rawlings Arkansas Prospec 6
    9*Southeast Shootout AVB Cowboys [BBboys13AAA] 4 Team Cyclone 2
    10Southeast Shootout KC STIX 9 Team Cyclone 1
    11Southeast Shootout Team Cyclone 8 KC Elite 0
    12*Southeast Shootout Arkansas Titans [BBboys13AAA] 8 Team Cyclone 2
    13*11th Annual OK-Texas Shootout Collinsville Cardinals [BBboys13AAA] 10 Team Cyclone 8
    1411th Annual OK-Texas Shootout North Central Baseball 6 Team Cyclone 2
    1511th Annual OK-Texas Shootout Team Cyclone 7 13U ABBOTT PRO SOURCE ATH 6
    1611th Annual OK-Texas Shootout Tulsa Blaze 7 Team Cyclone 3
    17Memphis Madness Memphis Tigers Gold 11 Team Cyclone 8
    18Memphis Madness Vision Baseball 9 Team Cyclone 1
    19Memphis Madness Germantown Giants 6 Team Cyclone 0
    20Memphis Madness Germantown Giants 7 Team Cyclone 1
    21Memorial Day Super NIT Team Cyclone 20 St. Louis Gamers 13u Blue 2
    22Memorial Day Super NIT Armor Baseball 12 Team Cyclone 0
    23Memorial Day Super NIT Knights 4 Team Cyclone 3
    24Memorial Day Super NIT Frozen Ropes Tigers Black 6 Team Cyclone 1
    25O'Brien June Shootout Team Cyclone 8 D-Bat Oklahoma 6
    26O'Brien June Shootout Oklahoma Royals 8 Team Cyclone 0
    27*O'Brien June Shootout Team Cyclone 10 Collinsville Cardinals [BBboys13AAA] 5
    28*O'Brien June Shootout Team Cyclone 7 Dodgers Baseball [BBboys13AAA] 2
    29O'Brien June Shootout Oklahoma Royals 7 Team Cyclone 2
    30*Shootout Championship Team Cyclone 7 Nitro Baseball [BBboys13AAA] 5
    31*Shootout Championship Oklahoma Select [BBboys13AAA] 4 Team Cyclone 3
    32*Shootout Championship Team Cyclone 4 Bad Boy Mowers [BBboys12Maj] 3
    33*Shootout Championship Team Cyclone 8 Collinsville Cardinals [BBboys13AAA] 7
    34Shootout Championship Tulsa Blaze 7 Team Cyclone 6
    35MO/KAN State Championship Starpath Blue 5 Team Cyclone 4
    36MO/KAN State Championship Mac-n-Seitz Indians 11 Team Cyclone 3
    37MO/KAN State Championship Brett Bros Baseball 5 Team Cyclone 4
    38*Rawlings National Baseball Clu Team Cyclone 10 Missouri Longhorns Orange [BBboys13AAA] 1
    39Rawlings National Baseball Clu Team Cyclone 6 St. Louis Gamers 13u Gray 5
    40Rawlings National Baseball Clu Summit City Sluggers Gold 8 Team Cyclone 4
    41*Rawlings National Baseball Clu Team Cyclone 5 Missouri Longhorns Orange [BBboys13AAA] 4
    42Rawlings National Baseball Clu Summit City Sluggers Gold 8 Team Cyclone 0
    43*USSSA Global World Series Team Cyclone 8 Orange Grove Angels [BBboys13AAA] 3
    44*USSSA Global World Series Diamond Club Ministry [BBboys13AAA] 8 Team Cyclone 5
    45*USSSA Global World Series Team Cyclone 5 Great Southern Baybears [BBboys13AAA] 3
    46*USSSA Global World Series Team Cyclone 15 Renegade Baseball [BBboys13AA] 4
    47*USSSA Global World Series Team Cyclone 9 Renegade Baseball [BBboys13AA] 1
    48USSSA Global World Series Northshore Academy Prospe 1 Team Cyclone 0
    49*USSSA Global World Series Team Cyclone 8 Orange Grove Angels [BBboys13AAA] 0
    50*USSSA Global World Series Great Southern Baybears [BBboys13AAA] 8 Team Cyclone 2
    * Indicates games played against teams of different class. Updated every night.
    The first day results are entered all games will appear in tan.

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