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805350 - FLS - 24 - 2 - Results provided by William Saunders - TBS BB.

USSSA HS World Championship 16U
Baseball Boys 16 & Under - Sophomore Open
Date : 7/29/2012
Stature : Baseball World Series

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Best scoring : Heat Baseball (8.375)
Best differential : Heat Baseball (6.125)

3rd place : Mizuno Wildcats


1FLN - Green Cove SpringsHeat Baseball BBboys16-So-Elite71067188.372.256.1212650
2FLS - KissimmeeFTB Black BBboys16-So-Elite62042315.253.871.3790
3FLS - Daviesouth florida breakers 16u gray BBboys16-So-Elite61055277.853.854150
3AL - TrussvilleMizuno Wildcats BBboys16-So-AAA52029154.142.14211300
5FLS - Daviesouth florida breakers underclass BBboys16-So-Elite430422663.712.28160
5FLS - Orlandocentral florida patriots - cfp BBboys16-So-Elite420362263.662.33120
5FLS - KissimmeePuerto Rico - Montero BBboys16-So-Elite42038156.332.53.83120
5FLS - OrlandoFlorida Phillies BBboys16-So-Elite33133194.712.71212200
9FLS - KissimmeeP21 BBboys16-So-Elite410351673.23.815110
9FLS - KissimmeeFTB Royal BBboys16-So-Elite42043297.164.832.33120
9FLS - Daviesouth florida breakers 16u BBboys16-So-Elite32027245.44.80.60100
9FLN - JacksonvilleJax Force BBboys16-So-Elite330302654.330.6611110
9FLS - Miami LakesML Bombers Baseball BBboys16-So-Elite240183435.66-2.66110
9FLS - OrlandoCentral Florida Bandits BBboys16-So-AA24037296.164.831.3310110
9FLS - MelbourneBrevard Plasma 16U BBboys16-So-Elite24028444.667.33-2.6120
9FLS - Daviesouth florida breakers 15u BBboys15-F-Elite150243646-2110
17FLS - Toa BajaYankees PR BBboys16-So-Elite23021304.26-1.8840
17FLP - Panama CityDolphin Baseball BBboys16-So-Elite23021384.27.6-3.490
17GA - LILBURN / DEKALBTigers USA Baseball BBboys16-So-AAA230203246.4-2.4840
17TNC - NashvilleRenegades Baseball BBboys15-F-Elite230203847.6-3.6740
17AL - FlorenceShoals Storm BBboys16-So-AAA23016283.25.6-2.4540
17TXW - El PasoWest Texas Yankees BBboys16-So-AAA04117323.46.4-3640
17CB - AreciboRavens BBboys16-So-AA0504410.88.2-7.4240
17TXN - ArlingtonExpress Baseball BBboys16-So-Elite0508611.612.2-10.30

Pool Game Results

Up #
Pool Game 1*FTB Black8south florida breakers 15u0
Pool Game 2P2115Express Baseball0
Pool Game 3*Heat Baseball7Tigers USA Baseball2
Pool Game 4*Shoals Storm4Puerto Rico - Montero3
Pool Game 5*central florida patriots - cfp12Ravens0
Pool Game 6*south florida breakers 16u1Central Florida Bandits0
Pool Game 7Jax Force11Dolphin Baseball1
Pool Game 8*Mizuno Wildcats2south florida breakers underclass1
Pool Game 9Yankees PR8Brevard Plasma 16U4
Pool Game 10*FTB Royal10West Texas Yankees5
Pool Game 11south florida breakers 16u gray11ML Bombers Baseball1
Pool Game 12*Renegades Baseball4Florida Phillies2
Pool Game 13*Tigers USA Baseball5south florida breakers 16u3
Pool Game 14Florida PhilliesTieWest Texas Yankees2
Pool Game 15Heat Baseball10Yankees PR3
Pool Game 16FTB Black3Jax Force2
Pool Game 17*south florida breakers underclass4Ravens2
Pool Game 18south florida breakers 16u8Brevard Plasma 16U6
Pool Game 19*south florida breakers 16u gray8Renegades Baseball7
Pool Game 20Puerto Rico - Montero12Jax Force1
Pool Game 21*Dolphin Baseball5Shoals Storm4
Pool Game 22*P214Mizuno Wildcats2
Pool Game 23*Tigers USA Baseball8Central Florida Bandits7
Pool Game 24Heat Baseball12Brevard Plasma 16U0
Pool Game 25FTB Royal5ML Bombers Baseball1
Pool Game 26*Shoals Storm5south florida breakers 15u4
Pool Game 27Puerto Rico - Montero11FTB Black5
Pool Game 28central florida patriots - cfp10Express Baseball2
Pool Game 29*ML Bombers Baseball5West Texas Yankees4
Pool Game 30*Central Florida Bandits8Heat Baseball3
Pool Game 31south florida breakers 16u gray1Florida Phillies0
Pool Game 32*FTB Royal12Renegades Baseball2
Pool Game 33*Dolphin Baseball9south florida breakers 15u7
Pool Game 34P213central florida patriots - cfp2
Pool Game 35*Mizuno Wildcats4Ravens1
Pool Game 36*Yankees PR3Tigers USA Baseball2
Pool Game 37Florida Phillies8ML Bombers Baseball6
Pool Game 38south florida breakers underclass16Express Baseball2
Pool Game 39*Brevard Plasma 16U5Central Florida Bandits4
Pool Game 40south florida breakers 16u10Yankees PR5
Pool Game 41*P2112Ravens0
Pool Game 42*Mizuno Wildcats11Express Baseball3
Pool Game 43south florida breakers 16u gray15FTB Royal3
Pool Game 44*Puerto Rico - Montero4south florida breakers 15u1
Pool Game 45central florida patriots - cfp6south florida breakers underclass4
Pool Game 46FTB Black9Dolphin Baseball6
Pool Game 47*Renegades Baseball7West Texas Yankees6
Pool Game 48*Jax Force5Shoals Storm2
* Indicates match of two competitors from a different division/class.
The first day results are entered all results will appear in tan.

Bracket Game Results

Up #
1*south florida breakers 15u11Shoals Storm1
2ML Bombers Baseball4Yankees PR2
3*south florida breakers underclass9Ravens1
4*Central Florida Bandits10Renegades Baseball0
5*Jax Force8West Texas Yankees0
6*Brevard Plasma 16U12Tigers USA Baseball3
7FTB Royal9Express Baseball1
8Florida Phillies7Dolphin Baseball0
9*Heat Baseball9south florida breakers 15u1
10central florida patriots - cfp4ML Bombers Baseball1
11south florida breakers underclass8south florida breakers 16u5
12*south florida breakers 16u gray12Central Florida Bandits8
13Puerto Rico - Montero8Jax Force3
14*Mizuno Wildcats9Brevard Plasma 16U1
15FTB Black5FTB Royal4
16Florida Phillies12P211
17Heat Baseball12central florida patriots - cfp2
18south florida breakers 16u gray8south florida breakers underclass0
19*Mizuno Wildcats1Puerto Rico - Montero0
20FTB Black5Florida Phillies2
21Heat Baseball8south florida breakers 16u gray0
22*FTB Black5Mizuno Wildcats0
23Heat Baseball6FTB Black2
* Indicates match of two competitors from a different division/class.
The first day results are entered all results will appear in tan.

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