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Mar 15 2017

14U Major Power Rankings #Top10 (3/16/2017)

The 14 & Under Major division is at a point in the year when we can start talking rankings. Based off of the team’s power rating points (which are determined based on their strength of schedule, win/loss ratio against opponents and In Class record), here are the top 10 teams playing 14U Major USSSA Baseball.


14U Major Rankings (March 15, 2017)

1. Arlington Heat Arington, TX
USSSA Power Ranking: 1,236
Record: 9-3

The Arlington Heat sit at the top of the 14 and Under Major. Based on the strength of schedule, the Heat are showing up as one of the toughest teams in the class. The Heat most recently showcased their talent by coming in second place in the More March Madness Qualifier in Euless, TX.


2. Headfirst Bercovich Pleasanton, CA

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,209
Record: 42-5

Sitting second in the rankings, Headfirst Bercovich has climbed it’s way to it’s spot with a 19-4 in class tournament record. The number of games this team has played against tough opponents gives it a solid second place seat. Headfirst went 5-0 and took home first place recently in the Mardi Gras Classic


3. Five Four Scouts Kansas City, MO

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,198
Record: 13-0

Having only played in eight in class games, the Five Four Scouts are proving their schedule is one of the toughest out there.

4. Dallas Tigers Godwin Frisco, TX

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,188
Record: 5-0 Vs. Major

The Dallas Tigers are another team that haven’t played many in class tournaments, but because they have a strong schedule are looking at high power ratings.

5. Halos Mesa, AZ

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,187
Record: 23-4

The Halos are in a solid position. Sitting at No. 5 and looking to improve, the Halos are in a good spot at this point in the year. The Halos finished third two weeks ago in the USSSA Spring Training Championships in Pheonix.


6. 5 Star National Florida Tampa, FL

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,175
Record: 22-6

At 17-6 the 5 Star National Florida team is looking like a solid team. As the power rating system uses the strength of teams both won and lost to the 5 Star National Florida clearly holds a difficult schedule.


7. TFEB - 14u White Los Angelas, CA

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,173
Record: 17-5

It’s not much of a surprise that the team with the 2017 tournament MVP of the scarecrow classic teeters on the edge of No. 7, just two points behind No. 6. Keep an eye for this team.


8. Hit Factory - Pros - Tampa, FL

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,168
Record: 26-5

This strong Florida team holds on at No. 8. As the team’s name suggests it’s a strong offensive team with a stronger defense. Hit Factory should advance further up in the rankings as the year progresses.


9. Team Kado 14u Elite - Menlo Park, CA

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,166
Record: 21-11

Team Kado joins the group of teams that follow a shorter schedule with tougher opponents. If Team Kado can add a few more wins against quality opponents, they’ll find themselves advancing in the rankings.

10. Litchfield Park Tigers - Litchfield Park, AZ

USSSA Power Ranking: 1,163
Record: 35-5

Rounding out the top 10 in the 14 & Under Major are the Litchfield Park Tigers. At 20-5 in class, it’s important for the Tigers to pull in harder games to advance themselves in the rankings.

Where does your team rank? Check out the latest 14U rankings here.

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