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Mar 16 2017

12U Major Power Rankings #Top10 (3/16/2017)

Based off of the team’s power rating points (which are determined based on their strength of schedule, win/loss ratio against in class opponents and overall record) here are the top 10 teams in the 12 & Under Major class.


12 & Under Major

1. D-BAT Elite North Dallas - TX

USSSA Power Rating: 1,531
Record: 28-0

Yet to be defeated this season in tournament play, it’s no surprise that D-BAT Elite North sits at No. 1 in the 12 & Under Major with 5 tournment victories already this year.

2. SB Bees San Jose - CA

USSSA Power Rating: 1,390
Record: 40-5

Like the No. 1 ranked 12 & Under Major team, SB Bees is showing the benefits of having only one loss in tournament play. The SB Bees continued their success into March in the Mardi Gras Classic where they went 4-0 on the weekend and took home first place.

3. Traction Canes 12u Black Baton Rouge - LA

USSSA Power Rating: 1,355
Record: 10-2

The Traction Canes has played significantly less than the No. 1 and 2 ranked teams in the class. With only two losses and nine wins over quality opponents, the Traction Canes are showing that quality over quantity can be just as effective. They went 5-1 in the South Texas Select30 Super NIT and finished 2nd overall.

4. Wilson Sandlot Chandler - AZ

USSSA Power Rating: 1,309
Record: 33-4

With the most games on a schedule in the top 10 for the 12 & Under Major class, the Wilson Sandlot could move higher in the rankings if their schedule strengthens. This weekend is a big test for them at the Spring Championship 2 Super NIT.

USSSA Power Rating: 1,255
Record: 24-6

The South Thunder are another undefeated team in the top 10. Give this team a few more games and we’ll likely see them advance beyond top 5. With the snow finnally melting up north they starting hitting the diamond and they finished 2nd overall at the Early Bird Brawl.

USSSA Power Rating: 1,250
Record: 15-3

The Combat are also relying on strength of schedule over quantity. With 12 games played and two lost vs Major teams, it’s fair to say this team will go far.

7. Wilson MVP Elite Norwalk - CA
USSSA Power Rating: 1,249
Record: 21-3

The gap between Wilson MVP Elite and Combat is close. Both teams have strong schedules and teams making this an interesting dynamic. MVP Elite will look to rebound after being bounced from the Monday Showdown with an 0-2 record where they scored only 4 total runs.


8. Dallas Patriots-Davis Plano - TX 

USSSA Power Rating: 1,248
Record: 21-2

With another one point difference between ranking positions, the Dallas Patriots-Davis have a lot to gain in their next couple of games. They look to build on their South Texas Super NIT win as they head next to the OK-Texas Shootout.


USSSA Power Rating: 1,232
Record: 11-2

At 10-2 the Sandcrabs could find themselves pushing to the front of the pack if it’s strength of schedule continues to stay difficult. They finished 3rd at the South Texas Select30 Super NIT, up next the OK-Texas Shootout.


10. 3n2 Warriors Denver - CO

USSSA Power Rating: 1,216
Record: 12-3

Rounding out the top 10 for the 12 & Under Major, the 3n2 Warriors are at a solid 7-2 for the season. Their schedule marks the least number of games played but also gives us an indication that the teams played against were among tougher competition. They look for their 2nd tournement win of 2017 at the Spring Championships Super NIT this weekend.

For the complete list of rankings check out the 12U Major Power Point Rankings.


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