Nationwide Conference USSSA Update June 2012

The Nationwide Insurance Conference USSSA is the top men’s slow-pitch league in the country. The league is comprised of 40 of the top teams in the nation and is in its 7th year of existence. This year the league has played over half of its regular season tournaments (15) and has had 8 different teams win at least 1 event. So the parity has been impressive and the quest to be the #1 team is still up for grabs. ....[Read More]


Louisville Slugger USSSA Player of the Month: Jimmy Salas

The player of the month for June is Jimmy Salas from Whittier, California.  Jimmy plays third base for Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth and is considered not only the best defensive third baseman in the game, but one of the best defensive third baseman of all time. ...[Read More]

Keep up to date on the USSSA Pride this summer!


Get your fix of National Pro Fastpitch Softball this summer by following the USSSA Pride online on as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts!...[Read More]


Sonya's Health & Fitness: How to make sure your athlete is ready - Tips on how to recover best?

No matter what sport your athlete is participating in there is always the battle of making sure they are ready to perform at their best.  The majority of sports at the younger levels have become so competitive that kids are playing in two or three day tournaments every other weekend and may not be taking the steps needed to make sure they are fully recovered for another day of games.
... [Read More]


Remember Check out the New National USSSA Soccer Website!

USSSA Soccer USSSA is excited to announce that the National USSSA Soccer program has a new website on thanks to the USSSA New Media team, check it out today..
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