Parent/Guardian Path for Creating Player Accounts

This path will help you to create your Guardian account and all player accounts you need.  If you go through all steps in this process your player will be ready and eligible to complete in USSSA events.
  • STEP 1:  LINK Click here to Create your Account
    • Create a New User Account
    • Guardians are NOT required to have a season membership.
  • STEP 2: On link above, choose, “Register Someone Else”
    • Create your Player
      • Add Photo ** – Clear photo of player’s face, no action shots, no blurry or unidentifiable photos
      • Submit Birth Certificate **
    • Register and Pay for your Season Membership for your player(REQUIRED)
**Required for participation

Additional Information

How Do I Approve the Roster Addition of my Player?

After you have completed the Season Membership, the system will send each Guardian an email to approve the player.  If you did not receive or you deleted it, you can trigger it again from your dashboard.

This link will walk you through how to trigger the email and Approve the roster addition.